Olohana and partners are committed to preserving and ensuring the continuity of our native systems in Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, the U.S. mainland, Alaska most specifically, and other regions more generally.

PRiMO 2016 group photo, Honolulu, March 2016
PRiMO 2016 brought us all together again in March 2016.
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Our advisory network of native experts engages with institutions and the general public to inform and strengthen the capacity of our communities to understand the physical, social, cultural, and spiritual environments in which we live and to collaborate on projects around environmental sustainability, disaster preparedness, and climate change mitigation using both indigenous science and wisdom and modern science.


The Global Breadfruit Heritage Council (GBHC) officially launched at the Pacific Risk Management Ohana PRiMO 2016 conference in March in Honolulu. The purpose of GBHC is to honor and protect the genetic, cultural/spiritual, environmental, and product integrity of breadfruit.


Olohana works with our partners, including the NOAA Pacific Services Center and the PRiMO Indigenous Knowledge and Environment (IKE) Hui, to organize and support a Native Expert Advisory Council (NEAC) comprised of the indigenous people of the Hawaiian Islands, Pacific Islands, and Alaska. NEAC experts are committed to forwarding society’s understanding of climate change and variability through multi-generational knowledge systems and modern science.


The Native Science Research Center (NSRC) enables professors, students, and communities from around the world to work together to advance indigenous and local knowledge and scientific research around climate change and weather systems. All knowledge systems and knowledge generated are developed for the purpose of serving and advancing tribal, indigenous, and native peoples.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Office of International Affairs (OIA) have contracted with M. Kalani Souza, Olohana founding director, and Olohana partner, Agroforestry Net’s Craig Elevitch, as instructors to teach breadfruit agroforestry. They have traveled throughout Polynesia, Micronesia, U.S. affiliate islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands as instructors in the past several years and advise local agroforestry projects as well.