Our Network, People, & Partners

The Olohana ‘Ohana

Ohana Olohana Foundation, HawaiiThe Olohana Foundation is focused on building community capacity and cohesiveness around systems of food, energy, and knowledge so that in times of crises, the community can respond swiftly and effectively.

The collaborative includes a diverse network of people and partners. Olohana works to establish relationships with its partners around projects and items needing social action. Partners share their research, data, data analysis, skills, knowledge, spirit, and commitment to creating community and gather regularly to discuss and solve community issues.

Partners include the NOAA National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration, UCAR/NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research Rising Voices, IPCCWG Indigenous Peoples’ Climate Change Working Group, the PRiMO IKE Pacific Risk Management ‘Ohana Indigenous Knowledge and Environment Hui, UH NDPTC University of Hawaii National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, the Intertribal Council On Utility Policy (COUP) and HINU Haskell Indian Nations University in the areas of climate variability and extreme weather preparedness assessment and training.

The Olohana ‘ohana includes but is not limited to the following organizations and individuals:

Board Members

Jeff McKnight
Board President and Treasurer; Rising Sun Solar + Electric, ZAF Energy Systems Inc.

James Love
Board Secretary and Director; Love Family Farms

Carolyn Bjur
Board Director

George Cattermole
Board Member; San Gregorio General Store, Stanford University

Steven Conger
Board Member; P4P Energy, Yale University

Penny Livingston-Stark
Board Member; Regenerative Design Institute, Gaia University

Sarah Purgus
Board Director, Olohana Foundation

M. Kalani Souza
Founding Director, Olohana Foundation, PRiMO, UH NDPTC, IPCCWG 


Advisors and Consultants (selected list)

Dr. Failautusi Avegalio, Jr.
Director of Pacific Business Center Program, Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii

James Burke
Business owner; formerly at the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center
and Public Transit Division, Honolulu

Craig Elevitch
Author and educator in agroforestry and sustainable human agroecosystems

Bob Gough
Attorney, renewable energy expert, and secretary for Intertribal COUP
Sadly, Bob passed to the spirit world on September 17, 2017. We mourn his loss but continue to listen for his wise guidance.

Chris Shaeffer
Web and film producer, Lomikai Media

Julie Stowell
Business owner

Ramsay Taum
Cultural sustainability and strategic planning expert and community advocate

Kaleo Ten
Digital communications



Kalia Lydgate
CEO and Executive Director

Claire Pavlik Purgus
Associate Executive Director; Brandeis University